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Smart Health Care Saves Money

Don't compromise your health care. At Mountain Medical Imaging we know how important it is to have affordable and quality care. It's been our specialty for nearly 20 years.

Nothing is more important than quality coordinated care between you and your primary care doctor. At Mountain Medical we provide affordable MRI, CT, Ultrasound, and Xray in a comfortable office setting. Our sub-specialized radiologists work with your health care providers so you get the most comprehensive care possible.

While our radiologists are highly trained to interpret your imaging study, your doctor is best suited to fully diagnose and plan your treatment. We work with your doctor. We don't replace your doctor. That's smart health care.

We accept most insurance and offer low self-pay pricing on all of our imaging exams.

We can also estimate your out-of-pocket costs before any test is done.

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When your doctor orders an MRI, CT scan or ultrasound ask to have it done at Mountain Medical Imaging. You'll breathe easier knowing you kept more money in your pocket.
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